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Welcome to EZ Lift Pinball 

Long over due in the pinball industry our device will put an end to the struggle and risk of lifting or lowering heavy pinball machines. Whether you are unboxing a brand new Stern or breaking down a classic Williams, the EZ Lift Pinball jack makes easy work of the difficulties in moving a pinball machine. 


Over engineer aluminum and steel construction.

Heavy Duty Design

Wireless Remote Control

Includes 2 wireless remotes for easy and safe operation.

Dual motors with up to 10 amps lifting power.

Powerful Operation

3 Year Warranty

Built to last (As long as you don't use it to change tires on your SUV).

The EZ Lift Pinball jack works on all standard and wide body* sized machines. This device is a great addition to your tool inventory and is a must for anyone that owns or works with pinball machines. Feel free to view the owners manual in the specifications area for more details.


EZ Lift Pinball 




EZ Lift Pinball + Wide Body Adapter Kit 

Coming Soon


Wide Body Pinball Adapter Kit


Coming Soon

We have received higher than expected pre-order response for our EZ Lift device. We are currently in production for customers on our pre-order list. Please submit an email or contact form below for any questions regarding ordering the EZ Lift Pinball device.


SIze: 48 x 18   /   Weight: 35lbs   /   Power: 120v (12v-10a)  /  Remotes: 433mhz  /  Cycle Speed: 90 seconds

* Wide Body Pin adapter kit required to lift wide body pinball machines.

Owners Manual

Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us. Look for a response very soon.

Atlanta Ga. 30331


"Lifting pinball machines is easy"

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